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Nathalie Hennis (1986) was born and raised in Gouda. Before long she realised Amsterdam was the place to go if she wanted to hone her skills as a photographer and move into full time photography. She studied Photographic Design at the Amsterdamse Fotovakschool. Ever since graduating in 2008, Nathalie has worked as a free lance photographer. She regularly exhibits her portraits and free work in Amsterdam, most recently in the Sugar Factory, where walls were adorned with stunning samples of her work.

Most of the time Nathalie works digitally, although she does most of the editing the old fashioned way: by hand. This gives her work its characteristic edge. A photograph taken by Nathalie Hennis is therefore recognisable, not only by her use of light, but also by the subtle personal touch she lends each picture. Most importantly, Nathalie is simply very good at what she does.

She is full of ideas and open to those of others. A very talented and approachable photographer.
Written by: Anouk Kemper